2020 Will Go Down In History As The Year The American Presidential Election Became Surreal.

A Group of Trump Supporters in Arizona on November 4th Protesting That “All Legal Votes Need To Be Counted” Were Labeled As “Extremist Protestors” On The Lower Screen Banner Of The Local CNN Affiliate.

Scott Adams on Twitter 11/7/20: “Suppose you created a voting app that sent your vote to three separate and blind companies for processing. They can’t see each other’s count until the end. If all three don’t match, there was digital fraud.”
This looks like a good core idea for presidential elections. Perhaps we could couple this with strict voter identification BEFORE mailout ballots and addresses are approved.

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We Live In A Country Jam Packed Full Of People Who Forty Years Ago The WWII Vets Of “The Greatest Generation” Would Have Simply Called: “Sh*t For Brains Commie Idiots”. The few WWII vets I still know, generally agree that the the description is still a pretty accurate way to describe “Commie, lyin’ bastards”.

Now, “The Sensitive And Kind” Pious Left, Who Know, According To Their Like Minded Comrades, Are Much Better People Than You Or I And Are Not “Systemically Racist” Like You And I, Now Attempt Require Us To Speak Correctly Or They’ll Attempt To Beat The Hell Out Of Us, Both Emotionally and Physically, With Their “How Dare You Dare Think That America Is Not A Cesspool of Racism” Righteousness.


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Gold is the one asset least affected by economic performance, business solvency, government guarantees or political stability.

Gold depends on no institution or government for value. Gold exists outside the mainstream and depends on none of the same things that real estate, stocks, bonds, and banks depend on.

Gold is independence. If there is a political and financial meltdown your neighbors will probably not be in very good shape financially. You may want to dress like Jed Clampett and look poorer than the neighbors so they won’t hit you up for a loan or try to take what you have.

The American Economy Can Go To Hell In A Heartbeat.
Donald Trump may get reelected and live to be 110 just because of the enjoyment it will bring him to P.O. the left so much, but what if it doesn’t play out that way?
What if a scenario that belongs in a “B” movie happens? That’s exactly what seems to be happening now. Pure, race-baiting chaos. 

Up until the virus hit in force, many investors, especially those under 40, had an abundance of optimism that made them feel they’d see any problems coming and be able to step aside. Most of these optimists were looking for toilet paper at the store, like everyone else after it hit the fan.

The worldwide financial crisis of 2008 happened despite the best efforts of the Treasury and the Federal Reserve and other Central Banks. It was touch and go that a worldwide meltdown was imminent. The next time we may not be so lucky.

Market crashes and bank holidays always happen without warning to the average schmo. The government and the bankers will always lie to the public when bad things are coming down the pike so they don’t panic the herd.

In 2020 we now have to worry that most of the “facts” we are getting from most broadcast news sources are slanted to the point of being Pravda quality information. There

Chaos is not a strong enough word to describe the utter panic and ill-mannered civil unrest that could ensue after a “fake news” report that will trigger rioters.

  • When people can’t access their money using their debit cards, credit cards or food stamp cards, things will get ugly quickly. Many will quickly turn into snarling, hungry “do anything it takes” criminal lunatics.
  • Those who have always trusted that the police will show up when danger lurks will find themselves wishing they owned a gun or two or could somehow buy one… if only they could get their bank to stop telling them their account balance is zero.
  • Expect to hear calls from the Left for greater gun control. Surely the Left will use the city of Chicago’s tough gun laws, that don’t work, as a model.
    Previous failures at gun control never seems to discourage the Left from trying the same scheme over and over again.

Gold allows the citizen to escape total reliance on the state-sponsored financial system. All that money that is being spent today, right now will cause prices to soar. We’ll here a lot from the left that a kinder, gentler government that doesn’t allow the police to make those silly arrests over property crimes will make the world a better place. The promise of Socialism will be made. Many of the uneducated will slurp up that the promise of Socialism is the ultimate the promise of pain and devastation. It has never worked anywhere.

  • Gold’s a perfect asset for ultimate protection, no matter how dicey things get.
  • Gold’s value may be affected by the U.S.’s economic performance, but far less than other assets. In fact, if the mainstream financial system breaks down gold makes up because people turn to gold in a crisis.
  • Gold does best when everything else suffers.

The Government Does Not Deserve Anyone’s Blind Trust

Most people have their assets within the Wall Street – Washington financial axis. Many are totally dependent for retirement benefits and income from this alliance of government, business, and the central bank. It’s where nearly everybody keeps their money. That’s because the people tend to believe the government will always protect and take care of them. Then the recent riots came and it turns out a lot depends if some George Soro’s financed politician has gained control.

Of course, the government tries to promote economic growth, prosperity, security and investment profits. But the government also blunders along trying to improve education, reduce crime, improve racial diversity and harmony by asking everyone what their skin pigmentation is and of course, they spend big money failing to eliminate poverty, which has not improved in over sixty years, to mention but a few of its massive failures and incompetence.

In other words, the government’s gross ineptitude and rank political motivations make the outcome of their insurance, influence, and intervention in the markets unworthy of anyone’s total trust and reliance on their financial security.

Add to this that the Socialist-Democrats WILL sabotage Trump anyway they can even if it means sinking the U.S. economy. THAT. Is Crazy and it’s in play, right now you racist SOB.


  • Politicians are generally a loathsome lot. They rightfully rank below-used car salesmen and guys named “Slick” selling Rolexes on the street, in the “Trust Me” department. Yet, many American’s blindly believe these Washington scoundrels have the talent to never let the American economy implode upon itself.
  • After a financial catastrophe, these well-dressed con-artists on Capitol Hill will have grandstanding hearings, to point fingers at the other party. That is what they’re best at. Pure B.S…

The government takes almost half of any worker’s income who makes a decent middle-class income. A 55% tax rate with state taxes included is not uncommon.

  • Starting a business is not easy.
  • It can involve many a night staring at the ceiling at three in the morning wondering if the latest problem will somehow get solved.
  • When you succeed, your new partner, the taxman is right there with his hand out, demanding half-the money (or so) ready to turn it over to Washington to spend, many times, on economy-killing stupid programs.
  • Try to hold in your mind for a moment the scope of this vast tribute. It’s beyond understanding.
  • The government not only spends this much, but they also go so far into hock they must borrow another unimaginable amount each year.
  • Plus, they must roll- over a staggering accumulation of past debts. The interest rates on a Trillion dollars is staggering.

America Is “Spending More Than It Has”.
Isn’t That The Very Definition Of “Heading To The Poor House”?

  • America is broke and we finish paying all our bills using credit.
  • The National debt is increasing a hyper-speed by Trillions of dollars at a time thanks to Covid-19.
  • In a poll conducted by Harvard, 31% of 18-29-year-olds believe Socialism is a great idea whose time has come.
  • In the Hard poll, support for the concept of democratic socialism is at 39 percent, and the numbers are higher for broad social and economic policies to empower workers and pay for a government social safety net.
  • Socialism is a great idea “on paper”. Free stuff. No more of that bothersome earning your own way.
  • Millennials say they like Democratic-Socialism but all they want is free stuff.
  • These radical views increase the degree of financial peril you face. These Socialist young idealists are swinging close elections.
  • Socialism has never worked. Human nature won’t allow it. If you pay someone NOT to work, they don’t work. It’s not brain surgery.
  • When you give the new Socialists first receive their free stuff they are grateful. Later complaints about the quality of the goods and services will surface like a bad rash. In the end, when there are no more “rich people” to tax,  and the electronic-printing presses are fired up and the currency becomes a joke, then the folly of it all is exposed, and the jig will be painfully up.


Venezuela was an economic powerhouse. 

Now it’s not. Crooked politicians pushed Socialist ideals and the economy ultimately collapsed. The politicians stole billions and the country went broke. Socialist delusions destroyed their economy and its currency. The country is an anorexic skeleton of its former self.

  • News Flash: Politicians will screw you and end up rich. Bill and Hillary and their influence-peddling Clinton Foundation have taken in around 2 BILLION dollars.
  • They have sky-high administrative costs which include Bill and Hillary and daughter Chelsea flying around in 50-60 million dollar Gulfstreams. Sky-high, indeed.
  • Crooked politicians and their shenanigans in itself is an argument for buying gold.
  • The scoundrels will screw us and retire in elegant gated compounds many times behind lifetime government paid security details, just like the Clintons.

With Donald Trump in office, many can choose to believe that runaway government spending and booming markets can go on for at least the next four or five years or perhaps their lifetime. Maybe they’ll will be right. But what if it doesn’t play out that way? What if something that belongs in a bad “B-Movie” script happens? What if we can’t simply “re-start” the economy.


What happens in an extreme financial crisis fostered by too many dangerous germs, too much debt and too much government?

History and nature make clear that it can happen. A price must be paid for excess. You should not trust all of your assets to Wall Street and Washington.

To protect yourself against the worst contingency you must take some of your assets out of the mainstream system.

  • If the system goes down you can lose everything.
  • Understand how much you will lose.
  • Put 10 percent to 20 percent of your net worth into gold.
  • Reduce the gold to your physical possession (no paper, no stocks, no storage). Keep it hidden away at home. Think about buying a decoy safe that burglars or armed robbers can believe is the real deal.
  • I have and a long-time client who has told his kids to never sell his house after he is gone until they talk with his lawyer. There is a letter waiting for them. They’ll learn that that 8′ x 6’cement slab Dad had poured supposedly for his BBQ grill actually has buried treasure underneath it.
  • What happens if the stock market sinks abruptly and many people lose their shirt?
  • What happens if all this virus business ushers in a depression?
  • What happens if consumer defaults get out of control and the government can no longer block repossessions?
  • What happens if our credit system collapses and corporations go bankrupt?
  • What happens if the brokerage firms fail?
  • What happens if the government guarantees can’t be honored?
  • What happens when ” rock solid” banks fail?

Once you buy gold and silver you have an asset outside the system that depends on no government, bank or corporation for its value. You don’t have to hope that the internet is up or that a phone is being answered so you can get your hands on your money.

We have clients who have been forced to send bank wires while idling in their vehicles at the drive-up teller. Most bank branches weren’t open at all.


  • This percentage of your assets is safe, certain and secure.
  • Gold protects you from a failure of the financial system.
  • You can never lose everything with gold no matter what kind of financial carnage unfolds. In fact, you could actually gain because everyone wants gold in a crisis.
  • $250,000 in gold currently weighs 14 pounds. (It weighs less than a bag and a half of potatoes.)
  • A million dollars in gold coins can fit in a briefcase easily with plenty of room for a handgun, extra ammo, and a sandwich. The only problem is how do you carry a briefcase weighing 56 pounds like you have papers and a stapler inside? Perhaps a well-made backpack that looks like it has seen better days may be better.

In 2008 gold was trading at about $740 when everything turned sour in September and Lehman Brothers went belly up and the world’s Central Banks really didn’t know if the world economies would go kaput. Gold ultimately went up to over $1,900 before it stabilized and found a floor around $1,150. You can take a look at what gold is valued at today and see if it looks like it’s cheap. We think it is.

  • In mid-August of 1999 gold spot was $262 dollars an ounce. By 2007 it went up four-fold to a thousand bucks.
  • Gold has worldwide demand from rural peasants to urban billionaires. This is true especially when other assets hit a market cycle that forces them down.

It’s deep-seated worth, liquidity, portability, indestructibility, and malleability make it the most desirable asset on earth. These attributes account for its four-thousand-year history of stability and reliability. Good as gold is the litmus test and measure of value for everything else on earth.

Today’s Financial Experts and Analysts Scorn Gold.
They Resist The Belief That We Are Over-Extended.

They turn up their nose at this historic absolute of mankind. That in itself argues for gold. So certain are these experts that the current system of stock investment, debt, government guarantees, and Federal Reserve fiddling will perpetuate good times that they have no fear with your money.

Of course, they have a lot at stake in perpetuating the Washington- Wall Street alliance. In reality, this linkage of all the mainstream financial assets imperils them all. A collapse in one sector can bring down the entire house of cards. Nevertheless, an army of investors follows these endlessly bullish optimists and resist the belief that we are over-extended. They will not hear differing opinions. 

As usual with human affairs, it takes clear and independent reckoning to separate from the herd.