Why Do 97% of Newspapers Only Hire Lefties On The Editorial Page?

In so many magazines and newspapers, you don’t get promoted to write about politics unless you’re on the left. They favor columns by lefties. I always scratch my head as to why the owners, who are supposed to be capitalists, allow this.

Here’s an example that dates back a couple of decades. Back then, we had a wonderful woman in our city who years earlier had opened a place, on her dime, for kids to stay temporarily when they have been removed from abusive parents. Now she wanted to open an orphanage. and she had a large private grant to pay for it. She would take little kids out of bad situations and raise them so they would have a chance to escape the underclass culture, go to college and become productive citizens.

The local newspaper wrote six rambling editorials heatedly opposing the orphanage. This is the left at its looniest. They claimed that kids should stay with their families or be raised in foster homes. In our city, we have had mothers arrested for trying to sell their three and four-year-old kids for sex. We’ve had beatings, neglect, and abuse on a tragic scale. Back then. Forty percent of youthful black males in my hometown were either felons or in trouble with the law. It hasn’t changed except now the left claims everyone  must be getting framed because America is so racist. (Pure B.S.) Drug addiction and alcoholism among the underclass was and is an epidemic. These people often make lousy parents. Scores of kids should be removed from these unfit parents. The foster care system notoriously creates government dependant young adults who have it beat into their brains that they are low-class people who are doomed to stay that way. Social dysfunction abounds.

Foster homes clearly are not the answer. If they were, far more of these children would have escaped the underclass. More would be students that plan on going to college. Kids raised in orphanages such as Boys Town are recognized for their successes in life. Something that old fashioned with God put in the mix is too much for the left. Apparently, there is not enough anti-God government control involved. 

It’s a pathetic commentary on the left that they have come to such a foolish impasse. We have a tribe of foolish Socialist-Democrats running for President, who are willing to “save the people of the world”, on your dime, if only they can get here and sneak across the border. They ignore real, proven solutions for the suffering of the American born underclass, considering them only as only useful voting idiots. They bear prime responsibility for creating a dysfunctional underclass through years of subsidies. (What you subsidize you get more of.) Then as now, they are insisting that the damage they’ve done be permanently locked into a failed social system.

God help us.